Friday, October 14, 2011

a bit of good news

A week or so ago, I finally received the green light for the The Pop Yeh Yeh music compilation - and it will finally be released in a just a few months time (hopefully this coming January). I am working on the cover art and liner notes now.


  1. Hi,

    This is my first visit to your blog. Good to know you are a fan of Malay 'Yeh Yeh' music. Also came across Andy Young*'s blog today and enquired about the availability of the book by Yusnor Ef.Must have it to accompany my collection of songs from that era. Keep it up!

  2. Hi Carl,
    I discovered your blog a few days ago, and am impressed with your passion for music from around the world, esp. Pop Yeh Yeh. I do have several songs from the '60s but main interest is 1940s onward. Trying to get a hold of Yusnor Ef's book. Good luck with the compilation.

  3. Dear Z, thank you so much for your comment. Yes I agree, those older songs are quite beautiful. Tansri P Ramlee, Saloma, and so many others... I dont know where you would be able to purchase Cikgu Yusnor Ef's book. What is the title? (he has several books) I can write to him and ask him where it is being sold. Alternately, you could try to message him on Facebook - i think he occasionally checks his messages there.

  4. Thanks Carl, for the reply. Andy replied too and I have emailed him; am waiting for a response re: Cikgu's "Muzik Melayu" book. I envy that you have met him and got a signed copy too! Best, Z.