Sunday, August 3, 2014

Meeting up with my ebay seller for coffee in the basement of a shopping mall!

A week before I left for Singapore, I purchased a rare record by the late Hasnah Haron on ebay from a seller in Singapore (i met him last time I was here too).  I told him that I could just meet him to pick up the record when I'm here instead of wasting money on shipping!  He agreed, and said that he'd bring some other records to show me also.

He brought several rare records that I could buy, as well as a big stack of his most prized Pop Yeh Yeh EPs that were NOT for sale, but might interest me for my research.  He asked that he not be named or photographed, but allowed me to take pictures of his records.

It sort of felt like one of those scenes in the spy movies where the two agents trade top secret information hidden in a newspaper.  

above: a rare spoken word record about the history of Philips Records (Singapore division) featuring a performance by Aida Mustafa

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