Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MAKAN MAKAN SELALU (Eating, Eating All the Time) : Hanging out and having fun with friends i've known in Malaysia "online" over the years..

Went to Dinner at Kak Som in Kampang Bahru with Aidil and his cool friends last night

Aidil of the awesome Malaysian Rock band COUPLE gettin' his "makan" on..

Had lunch with my friend Ghaz today. I've known him for several years through email- I have learned so much about the artists Ive been researching from him alone. Ghaz is an encyclopedia of Pop Yeh Yeh knowledge and he's taken the time over the years to write long detailed responses to my questions. Turns out he's a really awesome fellow in real life as well... and it's been so awesome to meet him in person and "talk music" with him.

Chinese Karaoke on Stage at a Chinatown Food Stall next to a well known "wet market" (fresh produce vendors)

Old KL Train Station

The "BIG CLOCK" - where Malaysian Independence was first declared (Ken, correct me if i have that wrong)

This place, according to my friend Ken, had a lawsuit brought against them by the fast food Behemoth McDonalds for use of the "Mc" prefix and the big M.... guess what? they won! (Ken can be seen sitting inside on the right - he's a film producer and another genuinely awesome dude)

Teh Tarik (sort of like saying "pulled tea" - because of the way it's prepared - it's a well known Malaysian specialty)

Ken, film producer (THE ATTIC : Film and TV Production in Petaling Jaya) , took me around KL tonight and showed me some historic spots and some places he's known since he was young growing up here..

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