Sunday, July 4, 2010

First Day in Singapore

first glimpses of the city -- headed to Sim Lim Square to buy a cell phone -- a necessity here if i intend to get in touch with the artists i am seeking.

high above the street, laundry flaps in the breeze out these colorful high rise windows

Sim Lim Square - the mothership of discount electronics in Singapore

above - a couple shots inside Sim Lim Square..

unfortunately that's all for now.. the internet here wont allow me to upload any more photos.. this final photo is only around 11am. So much more was seen, done, and accomplished today... all in one day.. this trip has been really magical so far. Incredible coincidences around every corner.. So amazing.. i cant wait to tell you more but the wireless connection unfortunately won't allow it.

stay tuned for more updates.. :)

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