Tuesday, December 4, 2018

This March, The Rythmn Boys will perform in concert with some of the original singers they backed in the 60s

This coming March 15 2019, long standing Pop Yeh Yeh band "The Rythmn Boys" will perform in concert in Singapore with some of the legendary vocalists that they backed in the 60s. The lineup includes The Rythmn Boys, who have been going strong since 1961, and singers Adnan Othman, S.Mariam, M.Amin and A.Ramlan (A Ramlie's brother). - This concert is part of a series called A Date With Friends presented by the Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay - Singapore. Details from the event page are below.

" The Rythmn Boys are coming to A Date With Friends! Formed in 1961 at Jalan Ismail in Singapore, The Rythmn Boys were best known for the psychedelic rock back in the ’60s. Join them as they reunite with friends like Adnan Othman, M. Amin, S. Mariam and A. Ramlan in this one-night-only concert. Be entertained by hit songs like Oh Fatimah and Menanti, as well as songs featured on the ’60s radio show The Week’s Popular Singers (PPMI), organised by Radio Singapura. Put on your dancing shoes and join The Rythmn Boys for a night of pop yeh yeh! "