Tuesday, January 17, 2012

another great Saloma song -- with a Latin/South American influence

Just for fun, as a side note, since Ghaz's post has inspired me to start watching all the P Ramlee and Saloma videos I can find, I'm adding this video (which is not Twist related at all) showing the influence of Latin/South American dance music in Malaysia at the time....

Oh, check out the Western Electric/Altec 639A/B microphone in the shot there!!!! all time classic microphone!


  1. The depiction of the band consisting of mostly Malays is quite correct but, sorry to say, not the patrons who were mostly non-Malay and drinking patrons......adapted for Malay movies is what I can say....otherwise quite authentic settings.

  2. very interesting... yes I guess the reality was shifted a little to appeal to the the film's intended audience who I assume were mostly Malay.

    on an unrelated note, I am now trying to find a clip of the film "Pop Muda" which featured the Sangam Boys.