Thursday, April 16, 2015

Article "RETRO MANIA" in MANJA magazine - "The leading Malay entertainment and lifestyle magazine in Singapore"

A couple of months ago a reporter for MANJA Magazine in Singapore asked me to reply to a few questions about my research on Pop Yeh Yeh in Malaysia and Singapore in the 1960s --- I was really honored to be included in an article like this.

I hadn't realized until I actually got a copy of the magazine (thanks Hamlau!) that I had been included in an article that also featured original 60an legendary artists like Fatimah M Amin, Sanisah Huri, LIFE records manager Osman Ariffin.   This 5-6 page article has tons of cool history about the era... so honored to be included!! 
The cover says ""'Mat Salih' Bawa Pop Yeh Yeh Ke As!" - which I think translates to 'westerner, caucasian who loves pop Yeh yeh and brings it to America"      

So cool!!  Thanks to everyone at MANJA

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