Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Oh Fatimah - The Rythmn Boys perform two sold out concerts at the Esplanade

Last March, the legendary Rythmn Boys, who backed artists such as S. Mariam, A. Ramlie, Jeffrydin, Adnan Othman, G. Yusoff, Novel, Sha'ari Omar, S. Ahmad, M Amin, Ramlah Aziz, Aziz Jonid,  and many others, played two sold out concerts at the Esplanade in Singapore. 

Adnan Othman performed with them for the first time in 30 years. S. Mariam, who was one of the group's main singers for many years, also performed that evening.  M. Amin, and A Ramlan, singers who still perform regularly with the group, were also there.  What a reunion! 

You can watch video of the concert HERE

Here's an article about the concert (in Malay). 

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