Tuesday, September 24, 2019

R.I.P. Dato' A Rahman Hassan

It's very hard to post two posts in a row like this, and I've been avoiding this blog for months knowing that the latest news was so sad... but another Pop Yeh Yeh legend also left us this year...

Dato' A Rahman Hassan passed away on June 13 2019. 

Here's a photo of Dato' with his band, Orkes Nirwana, and his first wife, Datin Azizah Muhamad (also a singer in the band)

A Rahman Hassan, Azizah Mohamad & Orkes Nirwana

Photo by Juhanis Yaacob. 

Read my previous posts about Dato' A Rahman Hassan here, and here.

I will soon be posting some interview footage of Dato' A Rahman Hassan and some clips of Orkes Nirwana in the rehearsal studio - clips from the movie I'm working on.   

Here's an article from the Straits Times

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