Wednesday, November 6, 2019

CD RELEASE EVENT in MALAYSIA: ADNAN OTHMAN - BERSHUKOR - a retrospective of hits by a Malaysian Pop Yeh Yeh Legend

At long last, the Adnan Othman compilation that was released in 2014 on vinyl has been released on CD by Sublime Frequencies in a beautiful digipak with incredible audio quality, ripped from original 45s and gently cleaned up by Mark Gergis's (Sublime Frequencies) audio expertise. 

I put this compilation together with Adnan when I visited him in Malaysia 5 years ago, and while it was initially only released on LP, the CD version has finally arrived.    The CD includes a booklet packed with original photos from Adnan's personal photo albums, and a biography about his life from his childhood until present - his "musical journey".

If you're in Malaysia, Adnan Othman will appear at SPUTNIK REKORDZ for a special release party on November 9, 2019, joined by MODERN FLASHBACK Scooter Club. Get a copy of the CD while supplies last - and ask Adnan to sign it for you!  CLICK HERE to see a video of Nazareth and Adnan opening the CD for the first time.

Photo : Modern Flashback Scooter Club - Adnan Othman at the center!
Adnan with Nazareth of Sputnik Rekordz

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