Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trip to Johor Bahru with Dato' A Rahman Hassan and Datin Azizah Muhammad!

Dato' showing me some of his old photos...

a portrait drawn by a fan...

Datin Azizah, back in the 60s, and the Muzik Muzik Muzik talenttime contest...

(Photos above: on the road to Johor Bahru from KL)

During the ride, Dato' Rahman played me CDs of his golden hits with Orkes Nirwana, and also some re-recorded versions that were absolutely amazing-- not the usual cheezy keyboard remakes. Dato' Rahman's guitar work is better than ever these days. Orkes Nirwana was recently awarded "Longest Surviving Pop Yeh Yeh band" -- after 45 years and counting they're still together! This was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon, cruising around with Dato' and Datin listening to all the classics by Orkes Nirwana. I could even hear Datin Azizah singing along quietly for most of the ride. The whole thing was totally surreal. At times like this during my trip, I could hardly believe all this was really happening to me.

Dato' A Rahman Hassan playing a Shadows tune...

Datin Azizah getting lost in the melody w/ B. Badrun, original rhythm guitarist for Orkes Nirwana


a classic Fender.. from the 60s... so beautiful!!

Dato Rahman and A Rahman Onn in JB.

Photo with Dato A Rahman Hassan and Datin Azizah Muhammad in JB.

Again, I am completely overwhelmed with gratitude for this beautiful couple, who are legendary musical icons in Malaysia, to have shown me such generosity and love to take me all the way to JB to hear them play. They treated me so well - I will always remember this weekend.

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