Friday, July 9, 2010

Kuala Lumpur - first glimpses

from the bus window on the way to KL

view from a kampung (village) area

Satay on skewers (Chicken Lungs???? yikes)

front row (l-r) -prawns (udang) in chili sauce (sambar) , beef (lembu), and chicken (ayam)
back row left: greens --(kangkong ?) - right -- dont know what that is.. maybe cuttlefish
they also had quail eggs in sambar sauce

Food from a kampung warang (village food stall) - on the left, Ayam (chicken) and on the right, nasi (rice) w/ sambal (chilli sauce) on a banana leaf with a slice of telur rebus (hard boiled egg).. the chicken (on the left) was chopped with a big knife a few times by the server before she put it on the plate so it could be separated easily with your fingers . on the right, this whole package is shaped in a little triangle and then wrapped again in newspaper - but this is what's inside... .the coconut leaf adds flavor to the rice... according to my friend, these servings must be wrapped very quickly when the lunch time rush hits. i ate this with my hands as my friend advised me to and it tasted really good - there were kittens roaming around under the tables the whole time but i didnt take pictures of them because i was too busy talking to my friend and eating with my fingers (which makes it hard to take pictures in between bites)

dessert : Durian -- this one was named after a local liquor because of the bitter taste (XO i think?)- there are many types of Durian, and they're actually quite expensive. Most tourists say they smell horrible.. I think they're pretty good.. I'd definitely eat it again.

below, my first glimpses of rush hour traffic in downtown KL and some other stuff i saw while i was out exploring....

traffic is pretty chaotic

lots of motorbikes .. everyone's driving in random directions.. the lines are just there for the hell of it - on smaller streets, it's common for people to drive in both directions on either side of the road

KL Tower

KL City Center late afternoon (entrance, ground floor)

KL City Center late afternoon

KL City Center at night

KL City Center at night - the bridge..

KL City Center at night

Stayed at the Tune Hotel on Jalan Sultan Ismail

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  1. Nice to see the pics of KL. I'll be there myself in a couple of weeks.

    And one of things I'll be doing is eating lots of durian. That one in the photo looks really good!