Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More amazing food in Johor Bahru

Met up with Joe Chelliah of the Jayhawkers and his wife (who is Roziah Latiff's cousin) later on and had an incredible meal at a local Gerai (Food Stall). Hasnah Haron and her daughter and grandson accompanied us!

local clams (kerang)

Stingray with chilli pepper wrapped in a banana leaf (Ikan Pari-Pari)

Deep fried prawns

Sea Coconut in shaved ice with lime and syrup..
( You can just barely see Hasnah Haron's hands in the second photo.. what a wonderful dinner we had at this Hawker center/food stand in JB )


  1. Kerang!!

    OMG. I was born & raised in Johor, been there almost all my life (asides from the past 4 years in Australia). And yet you've managed to eat more interesting things than I have. Stingray - !!. Sea Coconut - !!! yummmmmmmmmmm

  2. the clams are called kerang.


  3. thanks dena! oh yeah! thats what they were called! i appreciate the tip.. just updated the post..
    tiara ! you know I had to take photos of this food. i hope you try all these things when you visit home again!

  4. Tiara, aha.. i just noticed you gave me the name too. thank you!

  5. I am glad I took Carl to this great Ikan Bakar spot in JB