Monday, July 12, 2010

Dr Azahari

Dr Azahari is an Agriculturalist PhD, and an incredibly kind man. He is the father of one of the backers of my Kickstarter project and he lives in Malaysia just outside of KL. Barely an hour after having met me, he took me to shop for a Batik so that I would have something proper to wear for my meeting with Dato' A Rahman Hassan the next day (I had been invited to a Cukur Jambul ceremony for Dato's grandson at his home) and also for the wedding I attended later that night with legendary artist Adnan Othman... then, he took me to his favorite Satay shop (we heard pop yeh yeh on Klassik Nasional radio on the way). We took our lunch back to his house in the hills, and waited for his helper to cut the grass and also for the delivery truck to come with his new washer.. in the meantime, we at Satay chicken (which was the first time I had ever had REAL Satay). Then afterwards, we chatted about Malaysia, life, music, plants, animals, and philosophy as we watched the rain clouds roll in.. a truly inspiring afternoon. Below are some photos of his beautiful garden which is filled with all sorts of flowering plants, fruit and nut trees, and medicinal herbs.

below, Satay.. and the sauce that goes with it...

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