Saturday, July 17, 2010

a quick update from Johor Bahru...

Im in Johor Bahru now.. i know its been a while.. havent had internet access for 3 days. I accompanied Dato' A Rahman Hassan and Datin Azizah Muhammad to a practice session on Friday night here, even saw the home where he was born.. interviewed them both, and also A Rahman Onn ( The Strangers) yesterday -- people in Johor were all waving at Dato Rahman and whispering to their friends everywhere we went.. i overheard one older lady on the elevator saying in malay to her husband - did you see A Rahman Hassan in the hotel today? Funny, the only words i reconized wre Dato' and Rahman .. but i knew they were talking about him. Amazing to be in the presence of such a legend in his home town.

Then, Also yesterday, i finally met Zaleha Hamid!! You can see her up top of this page with the flower in her hair. We did an interview in an outdoor garden in JB called Taman Merdeka! just like the old record covers -- wait till you see the photos!!

Then, last night, walked around JB Bazaar (outdoor night time flea market) and stopped into all the bollywood music shops downtown.. today, heading to Hasnah Haron's house to interview her, A Halim, and M Fadzil. Then back to Singapore tonight.

* That's all i have time to post from this public computer right now... more later when I get a room in Singapore! (room internet connection didnt work with my laptop for some reason)

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