Sunday, August 3, 2014

a few more random photos from my time here in Singapore

This month is the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival 
TOP :  a tent for performances related to the Ghost Festival
 BOTTOM: burning ghost money (joss paper) as offerings to the dead- you also see cakes, plates of food, oranges, cups of coffee, etc placed outside on corners and steps for the ghosts


Chinese Roast Pig


Maha Sasana Ramsi -  Burmese Theravada Buddhist Temple in Singapore  - founded in 1875  wikipedia;  and official website 
Tai Pei Yuen Temple (formerly known as Kwan Yin Lodge) 


 Balesteir Road


random Chinese mythological wall decoration

TEKKA Centre in Singapore's Little India

Hawker Center (food market) where I ate BBQ Stingray

Now Showing at Shaw Plaza!

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