Friday, August 8, 2014

Meeting guest blogger and Pop Yeh Yeh scholar, Ghaz in KL

Two days ago, I met Ghaz, who frequently writes for this blog, in KL for lunch. When I arranged the meeting with him the night before, he said that he stayed up late drawing up a mind-map of how the Pop Yeh Yeh artists and bands were all related to eachother.  You might say it was similar to a family tree of bands and performers. This document was very informative, and I am always so impressed by Ghaz's ability to clearly explain the history and important context and relationships of these groups.

After we finished lunch, he drew up an additional time line showing how the pop music changed from the 50s to the early 60s with film songs by legends like P Ramlee, Saloma, Fazidah Joned, etc, to the mid to late 60s when Pop Yeh Yeh had its golden era, and then on to the 70s when the style changed again to a more slick studio production and sound.

I look forward to reading more posts by Ghaz in the future here on this site and I consider myself very lucky to have such a knowledgeable friend.

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