Thursday, August 7, 2014

More interviews and meetings

To be honest, I'm sort of having trouble keeping up with everything since I got to KL...  and didnt have internet all day yesterday... So I'm just putting up a few photos for now just to keep things up to date, then heading out to see Adnan Othman's daughter Ariana play music tonight!

 Joe Pereira -  author of several definitive books about Singapore music- (at Tekka Centre - Little India)
 Famie, of modern Singapore pop yeh yeh influenced band "The Pinholes"- at a studio his friend of Stone Revivals is building. 
With Pop Yeh Yeh legend, Zam Zam (Zam Zam and the Twilites)

 Photo from

 Encik Osman Ariffin
 Art Fazil - popular Modern Malay Folk Musician

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